Enforcement of Foreign Judgments


 If you have obtained a judgment in another state against an individual or business debtor with assets in Texas, we can help you collect what you are owed. Domesticating the judgment in Texas involves filings that result in a Texas judgment upon which we can execute or otherwise enforce.

Texas is known as a “debtor friendly state.” Many assets are not subject to liens, garnishment or execution. A homestead, for example, and certain personal property are exempt. We can conduct an asset search and advise you on the likelihood of your collection efforts. Some assets can be liquidated, for example, via sale of real property, and in other cases it may be more advantageous to have a receiver appointed by the Court to assist with collection of the judgment.

There may be technical issues complicating collection. The debtor may have a defense such as claiming improper service of the suit papers in the other state or some other defect. A Texas court may not recognize the judgment you have obtained. This will be one of our first inquiries when you contact us.



Most states have laws to facilitate collection. Some form of the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act (UEFJA) has been adopted in most states. Trust our lawyers to assist you and counsel you on your options.

We strive to make our services easy to use, wherever you are located, and easy to afford. Your matter may be appropriate for a contingent fee, or a reasonable hourly rate or some combination of the two.

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