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Houston, Texas, Landlord-Tenant Collections Law Firm


At Alan R. Scheinthal, Attorney at Law, we understand that commercial property owners and landlords have significant money invested in their properties. When tenants do not pay rent or damage leased property, landlords must have an experienced landlord-tenant lawyer to help protect their property rights.

The attorneys at Alan R. Scheinthal, Attorney at Law, have enforced and defended Houston landlords’ rights for over three decades. We can help you collect the money owed to you in unpaid rent, insufficient security deposits, damages to property, and collection of CAM, taxes and insurance.

To talk with an experienced lawyer about landlord-tenant collections and your rights as a landlord and property owner, contact the real estate litigation and collections attorneys at Alan R. Scheinthal, Attorney at Law.


Landlord-Tenant Litigation and Collections

A successful landlord-tenant relationship depends upon ensuring tenant compliance with the terms of the lease agreement.  If a tenant has violated a condition of the lease agreement for your commercial real estate property and owes you money, we can start the collections process on your behalf.

At Alan R. Scheinthal, Attorney at Law, we strive to collect the rent and other money owed to our clients as quickly and effectively as possible. Our firm assists landlords whose tenants have violated conditions or terms of the lease, and our landlord-tenant collections lawyers provide the following services:

  • Collections for overdue rent, including commercial lock-outs
  • Eviction for non-payment of rent
  • Collections for other lease violations
  • Collections for CAM, taxes and insurance
  • Securing a court judgment when necessary
  • Enforcement of judgment, by garnishment, lien, bank levy, etc.

To learn more about your rights as a landlord and how we can help with your rent collection or eviction matter, contact a Houston landlord-tenant collections attorney at Alan R. Scheinthal, Attorney at Law.