Houston Foreclosure Lawyer


 In Texas and throughout the entire United States, foreclosures are at an all-time high due to the instability of the real estate market and entire economy. Favorable interest rates and mortgages that seemed like great investments at the time, have now soured, leaving individuals and families with mortgages they cannot afford. They are now facing the foreclosure of their homes or business properties.

If you have received a notice of foreclosure, contact our staff at Alan R. Scheinthal, Attorney at Law in Houston as soon as possible. Our firm helps individuals, families and businesses deal with the foreclosures. We understand the state and federal laws that regulate mortgages and foreclosures. Using our experience, we can explain your rights and options for dealing with the potential foreclosure of your home or business.

Below are some of the ways a foreclosure may be avoided. To discuss these further with an experienced attorney at our office, contact us today.

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